Requests For Proposals

In an effort to promote high-impact collaborations, the Joint Institute is transitioning away from discipline-based programs toward broader, multi-disciplinary research themes. JI leadership believes these themes will play a critical role in the next generation of health advances for both countries: Cancer, Brain Science, Data Science, and Reproductive Health.

This 2022 Request for Proposals focuses on Data Science, Reproductive Health and Brain Science. (A separate funding mechanism has been established for collaborative Cancer research projects.)

Priority will be given to the faculty with established collaborations with demonstrated research outcomes, and proposals that align or inform clinical research will be favored. Successful proposals will be those that leverage the unique strengths of Michigan Medicine and PKUHSC – projects that would prove difficult for either institution to pursue alone.



University of Michigan faculty should be full-time and can hold appointments in any of the health science schools. (Note that cost sharing is expected for schools outside of Michigan Medicine to obtain matching support.) PKUHSC faculty should be full-time and should not hold currently hold another active grant.

Funding Amount

Discovery Awards provide up to $100,000/year ($50,000/year from each partner institution) for two years to promote new collaborations that have yet to be fully established.

Pilot Awards provide up to $300,000/year ($150,000/year from each partner institution) for two years to strengthen partnership between the investigators who have a demonstrated track-record of collaboration between the two institutions. This award category also includes proposals that are considered as interventional clinical trials.

Innovation Bridge Awards provide up to $100,000/year ($50,000/year from each institution) for a single year to help investigators further develop an innovative technology and accelerate translation of research into product. This award category will be evaluated by the potential success of technology commercialization.

Proposal Evaluation

Proposals will be reviewed by peer reviewers familiar with the content areas and funding environment in the U.S. and China respectively, on the following modified NIH criteria in making the selection of successful proposals:

  • Significance: impact and significance of the work
  • Investigators: qualifications of PIs/mentors
  • Innovation: shifting current research and clinical practice paradigms by utilizing novel theoretical concepts, approaches, methodologies, or interventions
  • Approach: appropriateness of research design and methodology
  • Environment: resources available at both institutions to carry out the proposed project

Complete evaluation process details are documented in the full RFP.


May 16, 2022: Application window opens

June 13, 2022: Submission Deadline for Letters of Intent

July 11, 2022: Notification to Submit a Full Application

August 29, 2022: Submission Deadline for Full Proposals

December, 2022: Anticipated Notice of Awards


Letters of Intent (LOI) should be submitted by Monday, June 13, 2022 via email per the instructions in the full Request for Proposals